You Are Not a Celebrity

Throwing your hard earned money on weight loss products that promise you too much is a waste of your time and your money.However we keep on doing this.The reason is, that we are desperate to lose weight and believe what we are told. Regardless if there is any actual truth in it.

It takes time to lose weight, just as it took time to gain weight. Nobody has ever gone to bed thin and woke up overweight the next morning. It takes months or years for people to become overweight but many of those people expect to lose weight in a matter of weeks, and when this does not happen they feel disappointed and give up trying.

Many industries that have sprung up around the issue of weight loss, produce and try to sell products that are claimed to be the holy grail of weight loss. The odds on any product delivering what it promises iare going to be pretty remote. Successful weight loss is based on a combination of actions which will include:

Eating smaller meals more frequently, replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods, being more active in your life, having a varied exercise plan, changing the way that you think of yourself.

Unfortunately people hang on to the small hope that the next miracle product will help them to lose weight. They buy it then when they realize that it is not working for them, then what do they do? They wait for the next product to appear, and they continue to follow the same process again and again.

Deep down most people will know what they have to do to lose weight, but on the whole they tend to ignore this knowledge, and while they keep doing this, they will keep failing. If there was one particular product that could guarantee the results it promised, then everyone would use it and weight issues would not be a problem. However there is no such thing as a miracle weight loss product that is going to work for the majority of people.

We will look at 2 different products that basically act as cash cows for the people that try to sell them to you.

Fitness DVDs

The industry of fitness DVDs is huge. Celebrities release or endorse them with promises of helping you to get the type of body that you have always dreamed of. They tell you that a certain method of exercising has helped them to get the bodies that they have, and now you too can get the same body by buying their DVDs. Admittedly many of the exercises on these types of products can be beneficial, but that is not the whole story.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that these people look the way that they do because of the product that they are trying to sell you, because they do not.

Remember that they can afford to hire the best personal trainers to help them achieve their goals.

Remember that they can afford to buy the healthiest foods.

Remember that they can afford to have their homes equipped with professional gym equipment.

Remember that the main reason that they initially became celebrities was because they already were beautiful and had great bodies. Not all of us are fortunately enough to have great genetics.

Remember that if all else fails, they have the money to pay for all their fat to be sucked out of them through medical procedures.

Buying some celebrity’s DVD is not going to guarantee to give you the body that they have unless you fall into the majority of the above.

Another thing to keep in mind is why do celebrities make and endorse these types of products?

Do they really want to help people who are desperate to lose weight? Did they suddenly get this selfless thought during an expensive facial? Do they really want to make life better for you? Do they know you? Do they care about you?

These products are created so that certain people can become richer by taking advantage of your desperation to lose weight. Perhaps I am being too cynical; Sometimes they do honestly care about your welfare. I know! After purchasing one of their products try contacting them personally. Ask for some advice on exercise or weight loss. I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you; After all they do want to help you. They tell you as much on their DVD.

Exercise products

More people waste money on exercise gadgets than anything else. People see the adverts, the persuasive hard sell, and the selfless endorsements. Before you know what’s happened, you have swiped out your credit card and placed your order. You wait religiously for 28 days for your product to arrive. You have visions about how great you are going to look after using this product.

The reality is very different to your visions. The reality is that you will use the product a few times, realize that it’s harder than you thought, and you will hide it away in some dark corner so you do not have to be reminded of how much money you have wasted.

Have you ever noticed how well muscled and toned the people in the adverts are? Did these people really get 18in arms by pulling a few cables 5 minutes a day? Did these people really get toned and tanned bodies just from the product that they are using?

Of course there are other people on these advertisements who used to be overweight and are now slim. They insist that their results came directly from the product. Did they realize what they did without changing their diets and lifestyles? Why would these people say that they owed their success to a particular product?

If you had lost a lot of weight and someone told you that they would give you a couple of thousand bucks if you said your weight loss was a result of their product, would you refuse? I know that I would not.

The fact is that people can be persuaded to buy anything through clever advertising. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is no product is going to make you lose weight, only you can do that. Any product is only going to be a part of a weight loss plan. The most important parts of any weight loss plan are going to be motivation, commitment, determination, and perseverance. Focus on these 4 factors and you will lose weight. Without these 4 factors you will not.

by Terry Sandhu

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You Are Not a Celebrity

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