5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Women

Most men make a lot of mistakes with women without realizing it. One of the reasons for this is that men are being told by their mothers how to find and meet a “nice girl.” The problem is that your mom is most likely giving you bad advice that is killing your chances of having successful relationships with women.

Here are the top 5 biggest mistakes men make with women:

1. Trying to impress a woman.

You are not in a job interview so stop offering your resume. Don’t say how much money you make, don’t say you drive a “BMW”, and don’t be a suck-up. And don’t buy her expensive gifts before you are engaged! Doing these things bores a woman to death because so many men do it. To be successful with women, do the exact opposite. You have to act like YOU are the boss and she is the one on the job interview, and if she makes a mistake, she is history. You need to be the one in control. You must see yourself as the world’s best catch and for a woman to get you, it is like she is winning the lottery. Women love the chase and they want what they cannot have. When you offer yourself to a woman like a sacrificial lamb, she instantly loses interest. But when you act confident and aloof like you are the CEO of a major company or a famous movie star, all of a sudden you become the man of her dreams.

2. Acting too nice. When you act super nice around a woman, she knows you are doing it to impress her and that your behavior is most likely not the real you. She knows you are sucking up to her. Stop it! Be yourself. Joke around. Tease her like she is your bratty little sister. Act like a man. Remember, you are the catch and she needs to chase and impress you.

3. Acting shy or timid. Nothing kills a woman’s interest more than a man who behaves like a scared little boy. Be a man. Be bold. You have to be the one in control. Do you think Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise behave shy or timid around women? Of course not. You need to act the same way. Act as if you do not care if a woman likes you or not. Better yet, assume every woman sees you as Brad Pitt and wants you. As many women have told me, it is NOT a man’s appearance that attracts them. It was the man’s attitude and confidence. That is why women love bad boys. Bad boys are very bold and confident and they just assume women want them. By acting that way, women do want them.

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4. Treating her like she is a goddess and better than you. Remember, women want to chase the man. When you treat a woman like she is a goddess that is out of your league, she loses interest in you. She wants a man who is so confident that he knows she would be lucky to be with him. I hope you are starting to see that that game of love is all about attitude – NOT looks or money. It is about being confident about yourself and knowing that women would be lucky to have you as your boyfriend.

5. Agreeing with everything a woman says because you want her to like you. Stop it!  

Women want a man who has the confidence to stand up for his ideas. A woman will not respect you if you agree with everything she says and does. Actually, women like to say things just to test a man to see what his response is. They want you to disagree with them sometimes. They want you to act like a man and stand up for your ideas and beliefs.

In summary, to be successful with a woman, you have to stop acting like a scared little boy and start acting like a real man who is confident and who deserves respect. If you do not feel that way now, start faking it and in time, you will naturally feel that way.

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by Martin Chase

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5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Women

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